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medical assistant

Medical Assistant

The words, Medical assistant, are directly related to the concept of the workers who take care of health. These medical assistant are people who can perform all the administrative tasks as well as clinical works in order to support all the basic works of the medical doctors as well as all other people known as health professionals. They are supposed to perform tasks according to the schedule given and they also go through all the procedures which include works such as taking a measure of the vital signs of the patients. They also administrate injections and medications which are the sole needs of the diseased persons. They even record necessary information about the clinic keeping them in the medical system of records-keeping. Medical assistant are adroit in preparing along with handling instruments needed in medical process and all other supplies ordered. Another work for the medical assistant is preparing and collecting the specimens of fluids coming out of human body as well as animal tissues for the tastes in laboratory.

The term “medical assistant” might have had some legal connection as a status, in some of the nations of the world but they may be either registered or certified. Whereas, in the world elsewhere there may exist a group which is loosely defined, a group that covers a very much related title, definitely belonging to the similar occupational background such as ‘medical assistant for office’ or ‘assistant in clinical tasks’ or ‘ophthalmic assistant’. This term, medical assistant should not at all be messed up with the term physician assistants. The physical assistants generally perform advanced procedures related to clinical jobs, surgical and therapeutic process.

History of a Medical assistant

As per History, it is said that the medical assistant were well trained and they were recruited mainly for on-the-duty support staff for any medical occurrence and did not have any particular identity for the whole group. Formerly in United States of America, the first and foremost action regarding the foundation of a medical assistants’ organization was taken. The AAMA or American Association of Medical Assistants was first founded in the year 1956.

People coming for the job of Medical assistants have mostly held jobs exclusively almost in the ambulatory care centers, traditionally. The facilities of the urgent care and clinics are changing in a rapid speed these days. In the recent years Medical assistants are able to findvarious jobs for employment in private as well as public- both kinds of hospitals. It also receive the facilities of out patient and in patient.
The ISCO, namely, International Standard Classification of Occupations, has commented on the Medical assistants. They said, the medical assistant basically would require training, formally given to the medical assistant who are in the provision of health services for a competent and concrete performance to be found in the jobs they do. This formal system of education does usually occur at the institutions taught at postsecondary courses such as all the vocational schools, various kinds of technical institutes, a lot of community colleges, and all the proprietary colleges, and in some of the well known online educational software or in the junior colleges. In countries like the United States of America, the available institutions teach the programs to become the medical assistant. This program itself should have been accredited by the Accreditation Commission. The committee is of the programmes of Allied Health Education. There is another Accrediting Bureau related to the Schools of health education only. These state that the graduate plan of the schools are strictly supposed to become either registered or certified. At the present situation, there have been 600 accredited programs of CAAHEP which is already in excess. The best of them are named as the Career Quest Learning Centers. These are generally situated in even more than the count of 500 institutions. Much more institutions than the counts of even 200 have been recently accredited by the organization ABHES. This type of accreditation by the organizations called CAAHEP and ABHES, or several other associations for accreditation strictly requires the fact that the program of the institution for medical assistant are those kind of programs which eventually meet the educational standards specified by the consumers and also provides the student medical assistant a sufficient classroom, good class of lecture, and a certain laboratory time. Medical Assistants Also work in the navey so if that is something that interests you here is the link. medical assistant royal navy

In the country, United States of America, one can find four absolutely major organizations which have taken the initiative of certifying all the Medical Assistants. The greater the total numbers of employers are there, the more preferably they hire the medical assistant only if they are certified. The process for the medical assistant to collect a professional certification has been a voluntary one, which process has always been backed by all the Americans. That was a very strong backing. The American Association of Medical Assistant or shortly known as AAMA. Besides, there are a huge number of all other bodies giving certification in a way such as it can give guarantee about the competency of a person who is a medical assistant for a level which is at job-entry. The certification basically is used as the medical assistant can achieve a lot by sitting for the competitive Certification Examination which has been offered by all the members of the certifying board of AAMA who collaborated with the National Board of Medical Examiners,in consultancy. The latter reference is also related to administrate many more national exams for the physicians.

Salary of a Medical Assistant

Salary starts from $17k up to $50k depending on experience and which country and or state you are from.

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