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Dental Assistant

Dental treatment is a very well known procedure in the contemporary society and its importance is growing day by day. The study of this particular branch of science is becoming very popular in the context of the modern society. Dentistry can be defined as the study conducted through diagnosis, curing procedure and treatment of any deformity of disorder of the oral cavity or any portion of the human maxofacial region or any other significant portion of the human body. The study of dentistry is very important and so there is a huge rise in interest among people and thus we have a growing number of dentists and also dental assistants.

Dental assistants are a very important part of the branch of science called dentistry. They help or assist the dentists or auxiliary dental experts during the process of dental treatment. It ensures better performance during the course of the treatment resulting into greater efficiency. The main works of a dental assistant is make the patient ready for the treatment procedure, properly sterilize all the equipments needed for the procedure, holding the suction device, expose the dental radiographs and takes the impressions of the teeth of the patients. The main work for the dental assistants is to ensure the proper placement of all the necessary equipments and to take regular updates about the health condition of the patient. They assist the dentists in every way during the process of treatment and are a very important part of the process. They hand the doctors the required equipments and instruments during surgery and also conduct x rays of the teeth of the patients.  The dental assistants also helps in removing the sutures, applying the tropical anesthetic element or various cavity preventive agents to teeth, removing the excess amount of cement used in the filling process, and also to place the dental dams in order to isolate teeth for the treatment of the patients.

The dental assistants help in various laboratory duties along their usual work. They indulge in making casts for the teeth and the mouth from the impressions collected earlier, clean and polish the various removable appliances and min making temporary crowns for the teeth of the infected patients. There are office duties too for the dental assistants where their primary work is collection and storage of the gathered data. They confirm and schedule the meeting of the patients for the qualified dentists so that a proper schedule is maintained. The dental assistants keep the treatment records regularly and they conduct the sending of bills and the receiving of payments. They are also responsible for ordering all the necessary equipments required for the treatment of the patients.

The dental assistants need a certain level of qualifications to apply for the job. The importance of the job asks for specialized and talented people to be selected for this profession. In some places, they do not require a college degree to start practicing and that is why, the aspiring candidates start working while studying in the college. The interested candidates take up necessary subjects like health, chemistry, biology and office practices in order to train for their profession. The CODA (Commission on dental association) has given permission to 281 training programs which enlighten the students about dental assisting and other related topics. Most of the courses take 6 months to even a year to complete and at the end of the course, the applicant is provided with a degree of diploma stating his expertise. The courses require at least a high school diploma or any other qualification equivalent to it and the inclusion of computers and science subjects in the curriculum is compulsory. There are various private educational institutions offering various courses on the subject, but they are not supported by the Commission on dental association.

Most of the dental assistants gather experience from on the job training. In these cases, the intern is taught various tricks of the trade and much other information which helps in training him for the future. The new assistants are taught how to treat the patients, how to carry out daily duties, the various names and functions of the instruments, and also to manage the office smoothly. This boosts their knowledge and confidence a lot and helps them to carry their work without any assistance. The training is generally office specific and an assistant is trained to match the working style and process of the concerned office. The on the job training also helps in keeping the assistant up to date with the latest technology and way of working. It helps the assistants to get their license quick which make them officially qualified to work in any company.

The dental assistants are a very important part of the dentistry branch of science and without them, the treatment cannot be completed.

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