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Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing has always been considered a very important profession in the society. The nurses are responsible for taking care of the patients and also for helping the doctors in the course of treatment and surgery. The nurses have to acquire for certificates and qualifications to be eligible for the job. The workload of the nurses has always been very heavy and it is normally seen that they are somehow overworked. The nurses are an integral part of the health industry and so it is very obvious that a new profession has emerged for their assistance. Thus, the new branch of nursing has made its appearance and they are known as certified nursing assistant.

Certified nursing assistants or CNA are trained people who assist the nurses in their daily duties. The term generally refers to the people who take care of the patients in a hospital, nursing home or even at home. They assist the nurses in all the non medical procedures and it is also a great learning experience for the CNA s. the nursing assistants are also known as nursing auxiliary, home health aide, patient care assistant, patient care technician, nurse aide or nurse tech in  different countries. The  certified nursing assistants mainly works in the nursing homes and hospitals and their main job is to take care of the elderly, chronically sick, or patients who are on rehabilitation who do not take care of themselves. There are levels of expertise for this job and it mainly depends on the qualifications and performance of the certified nursing assistants. The nursing assistants are also responsible for taking care of the patients mentally and they provide an emotional support to them. So, the work is not just confined to the physical treatment of the patients.

The certified nursing assistants are also responsible for carrying out many works which was primarily the nurses’ duty. They take part in observing, documenting and reporting every clinical and treatment information who mainly concerns the behavioral pattern and changes in the patient. The assistants also help the patients in their motion exercises which are very important for their rehabilitation purposes. The certified nursing assistants check the temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and bodyweight of the patients and keep the doctor updated about the condition of the concerned patients. They also take part in the maintenance of hygiene and also in the preparation of special food for the patients. They help the patients in moving freely and it is their duty to collection specimen and samples for the doctors to carry out the tests on. The processes of grocery shopping, meal preparation, dietary planning and food and fluid intake are also the main jobs of a certified nursing assistant.

The profession of certified nursing assistance is not an easy one and it requires proper skills and qualifications. There are many institutions offering various courses on nursing assistance and it is necessary for any aspiring student to study properly in order to achieve his or her goal. It is a new rule implemented by the healthcare ministry that a student have to attend at least 100 to 200 hours in his state and then they are taught the skills of the profession. The study includes a lot of classroom work, practical of biology and anatomy, and also patient care. Special emphasis is given on patient care as it is the main criteria for the nursing assistant job. The courses of nursing assistance is provided by various hospitals, nursing homes, community colleges, vocational colleges and also specialized training centres as long as they are funded by the State.

The hospitals and nursing homes are the prime institutions for learning the skills of being a nursing assistant. Various nursing homes offer the courses for a very mere cost and sometimes they even offer it free. Hence it is comfortable for every people to join the course irrespective of their class. The aspiring students need to work in the hospitals or nursing homes in order to know the tricks of the trade and the courses span across nearly six months to even a year. The students have to pay back the favour to the concerned nursing homes after they finish their training. The courses are also available online and so the students can easily take the theory part from the websites providing all the necessary information. The most important centre for the certified nursing assistants to learn the necessary skills is the Red Cross. It is the most recognized CNA training centre in the United States of America. The final step for a student to become a certified nursing assistant is to clear the state CNA Certification exam which tests the aptitude of the students in case of their skills.

The profession of certified nursing assistant is a very important one with reference to the present society and it is becoming very popular with the passage of time.

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