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Dental Assistants Salary

A dental assistant needs to perform complex functions like handling x-rays and looking after the patients. An assistant is needed to be swift in looking after the surgical instruments, preparing the patient for surgery. The task of oral health care of the patient is undertaken by an assistant as well. Many dentists allocate the work of allocating appointments, making invoices and bills, general care of the clinic to an assistant. As an assistant is required to manage multiple tasks, payment is proportional to the hard work done.

The job of a dental assistant is slowly becoming a lucrative one. Many people are turning to this job as the opportunities as well as the pay has increased handsomely. For those wanting to become a dental assistant, It is important to have an idea of how much money on an average a dental assistant makes. On an average, $32,000 per year is the salary of a dental assistant in USA. There are certain factors regarding a dental assistants salary:

• If you have prior experience of being an assistant then you can command higher salary then fresher’s. Dentists prefer experienced assistants even if they demand higher salaries, as they have the knowledge and expertise to handle the situations.

• If the clinic is situated in a commercial area, then the assistant working will obviously get a higher salary. The clinic if located in a posh area, Dentists will always offer their assistants a higher pay packet. So the location and atmosphere plays a part as well in determining a dental assistants salary.

• An assistant having a certified assistants degree or a diploma will earn more than the one with no academic qualification. Qualified assistants do not need to be trained regarding the handling of equipments or the training of a patient for surgery. A qualified assistant makes the life easy for a dentist. Hence certified assistants are preferred.

Doing internships can also be a great boost to a dental assistants salary, just in case if you have no experience. Internships may be done while completing the dental assistant training course.

The salaries for a dental assistant depend also on the amount of hard work and sheer dedication, an assistant has towards the cause. The dental assistants’ job is perfect for those who are willing to learn and also want to earn a good salary. The employment opportunities are expected to increase in the next few years. A dental assistants salary has been increasing on a regular basis now.

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