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Phlebotomy certification

Ever heard of a phlebotomy certification? Better still, ever heard of phlebotomy? Indeed, it is not a common word you hear around. In case, you are wondering what it is, phlebotomy is a procedure through which blood is removed by means of a needle. You might be wondering, aren’t these people called nurses? Well, no. Nurses can perform phlebotomy but not all phlebotomists are nurses. People who are trained only to remove blood with a needle are called phlebotomists, they too work in hospitals and clinics but that is all the medical assistance they can provide unless they are trained for more.

While phlebotomy might sound like a really easy procedure and something everyone can do, it is something that requires skill. And only trained professionals are allowed to perform this procedure. People have to go through a phlebotomy certification if they want to work at clinics or hospitals. Only certified personals can do the job. While the process of becoming phlebotomists is not long and difficult, the phlebotomy exam is like any other exam. Students need to study hard for it and pass the test in order to receive the certificate that deems them fit to work as phlebotomists.

If you want to pursue this career, the first thing you need to do is get into a phlebotomy course. And then try and get phlebotomy certification. It is good to start preparing yourself for the exam much in advance. There are plenty of phlebotomy certification guides that are available in the market or even online.

Just get a hold of the guide and it will make life more easier for you. The guide provides you with all the important information that you need. And it is the best way to prepare yourself for the exam. In the guide, you will find question papers of the previous exams and you can gain knowledge of how the test was and how best to prepare yourself and what to expect from the test. So go ahead and look out for the guide even before you book yourself for the examination to get your phlebotomy certification.

what is phlebotomy

Phlebotomy simply defined, is the ancient method that was used to remove a certain amount of blood from a person or patient’s vein. In the olden days, this method was quite painful because it was not performed with a needle like we do nowadays. In the past, they used to incise or rather cut the vein and let the blood collect into a container. It was indeed a painful process for both the patient and the person doing it. The procedure required skill since it was cutting of the vein and it was one that could very well go wrong and cause a lot more trouble. Veins are delicate and a lot of blood can be lost if a vein is cut.

Today phlebotomy is a lot easier. It is done with a needle and causes almost no pain at all. All nurses and doctors are qualified to do it. Phlebotomy is actually a very common procedure that is done almost a million times a day at any hospital or clinic. Like mentioned earlier, it is the procedure by which blood can be obtained. Thanks to this easy and painless procedure, blood can be easily removed from the vein and can be tested for various diseases. Phlebotomy no longer is a scary procedure; neither the patient nor doctors and nurses worry about it. It is the simplest medical procedure available.

Today when you go for a regular check – up, you can be sure that you will be required to give a blood sample and urine sample among other things. A lot about your medical state can be studied from your blood and hence a blood sample is always needed. Phlebotomy is the process by which you can get a blood sample.

So as you can imagine, many people in a hospital can perform phlebotomy since it is a very basic procedure that does not involve too much. However, phlebotomy does require some skill. The person performing it should be able to clearly spot a vein. In addition, if the procedure is done well, the patient will not feel more than a mere pinch.

Understanding Phlebotomy

If you are interested in phlebotomy how to and want to delve into such a career, then I have to say that you are really sharp. Nowadays, phlebotomy how to is one of the most requested careers in the world and this is because more and more people are obliged to take blood tests in order to get their driver’s license, be accepted into a certain schooling program, get to be hired and so on, the reasons are just endless. If you want to become such a specialist who will deal with extracting the blood samples from the patients, then you will have to undergo some special courses if you want to reach your goal.

The first thing that you will have to make sure of is that you are not afraid of blood. There are some people out there who might like to delve into this career, but they can suffer from homophobia and thus will not be able to consider this as a career option. Second, if you want to delve into phlebotomy how to, you will also need to have some skills when it comes to dealing with people. You will have to deal with many people on a daily basis and they will all be different when it comes to their tempers. Some of them might even be aggressive and it is your duty to calm them down. If they will feel any fear and pains in regards to the extraction procedure, again, you will be responsible to soothe them.

The first step into getting phlebotomy how to, is to delve into a school program that will yield you a diploma after you will finish the course. Usually, these courses will last between eight and twenty four months.

After you will extract the blood sample from the patient, you will need to make sure that the patient will feel alright and that you will store the sample safely. Most people are also getting this test done because they want to see if they have high levels of iron, so they want to detect this and put an end to it through medication.

Remember to always remain calm and be professional when dealing with any patient.

Phlebotomy salaries

Phlebotomy is the procedure used to remove blood from the vein. It is a simple procedure that is performed many times a day at all clinics and hospitals. Becoming a phlebotomist is definitely a career worth considering for those of you who are likely to incline towards medicine or other related fields. Top phlebotomy salaries range between earning $12 an hour to $18 per hour. You have got to agree that indeed it is a good rate to work at. The work is not tedious or taxing and yet earns a decent, if not heavy pay cheque.

Some of you are wondering, what is the point in becoming a phlebotomist since every doctor or nurse can do this procedure. You are probably also thinking that you can only work at clinics or hospitals but they already have trained people to do this. Sadly, we live in a world where hospitals have lesser beds than they need because the amounts of patients checking in are ever increasing. Hospitals most often are under staffed to deal with the regular flow of patients and hence hire phlebotomists and so if you are good at what you do, you can be among those who are earning top phlebotomy salaries.

So go ahead and explore the world of phlebotomy, do not be shy to pocket top phlebotomy salaries by being good at your job and lending help to all those under staffed diagnostic clinics and hospitals. Go ahead and perform phlebotomy whenever you can and make a living from it. Unlike nursing that takes many years of hard studying, phlebotomy does not take too many years to study.

You can do the course right after high school graduation at any vocational or technical training school. If you want to ensure that you make more money, than you can learn other skills along with phlebotomy, it will give you added experience and qualification and you might be able to make more money than just any other phlebotomist. If you have never considered this as an option before, you might want to start now, indeed it is a good occupation.

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