Posted in CPR on June 1, 2011

Cpr Training

Cpr training is very essential not only for parents but also for those who spend most time with children. This is as important as picking up first aid skills which are necessary in any situation of crisis. Knowing the proper Cpr process can help someone, save a person’s life. There are many reputed organizations like the Red Cross and The American Heart Association who offer training courses in schools and colleges. Medical assistance is always needed. We never know when accidents will occur. Cpr is mostly used to save a person who runs out of breath because of drowning, electrocution or because of suffocation. During an emergency it is always not possible to get services very quickly but knowing about the Cpr procedure can help save a person’s life and it can very well be our own loved ones.

The basic aim of Cpr training is to impart knowledge about the ways in which life can be saved and there are many levels of this training. For infants the process is a bit modified than for an adult. Cpr training is also available online through videos. It is important to check that the trainer is a certified one and is a Cpr trainer. Another way of getting Cpr training is to seek help from the nearest hospitals and nursing homes for. Most of the training institutes take up candidates for campaigning in colleges and schools and they pick up the interested students out of that lot and they give them training.
During the Cpr training the candidates are taught to keep the victim alive until emergency service arrives. The main interest of the training is not to teach the candidates how to replace the doctor but to administer some necessary treatment to the patient to keep them out of danger. During Cpr process someone must take the responsibility of calling 911 or other medical service to take care of the patient. In the Cpr classes they also teach the use of AED, i.e. Automatic External Defibrillator. Many people keep AED in their cars and homes. It has been proved that Cpr becomes successful with the aid of AED. It is also found in many offices, buildings, train stations etc. it is not necessary to have any medical qualifications in order to be able train for the process of Cpr. This is taught basically to save a person during emergency with further medical treatment being administered in due time. It is recommended to take the Cpr training from a good reputed organization.

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