Posted in CPR on June 1, 2011

CPR Classes

Cpr or cardiopulmonary resuscitation class is the most basic form of medical training that’s imparted in the medical training classes. There are many medical schools, ambulance services, fire department and other community colleges who give classes on Cpr. This training is given to rescue people who have problem in breathing because of accidents or because of drowning. Cpr classes are performed by qualified instructors with the aid of videos, demonstrations, printed materials, on mannequins who representing young children, adults, and other infants.

The classes are for duration of 3 hrs and it takes place in one session. The participants of the cpr classes practice this method on mannequins and they get individual instruction. Cpr is a risky process, if properly done it can save a person’s life. Therefore it is essential to have detailed information about Cpr before performing it on any real victim. There are various levels of cpr classes. Like the adult cpr class. This can be learned in less than an hour and is practiced mostly on adults. This is the level where the least medical know how is required and it is perfect for places where sudden emergency arrives. There is another level which is the infant and child Cpr classes. In this stage all the necessary methods are taught by which choking can be prevented. It is essential for anyone who spends most of the time with children who are below 8 years. After learning this level people can volunteer for church, schools, community, club or day care.

It must be remembered that all the cpr classes are not the same just because they are readily available. It is best to take classes which are properly sanctioned by big organizations. Taking cpr class is very essential not only for oneself but also for others, because this can help in saving someone’s life. The two most reputed organizations for cpr classes are American Heart Association (AHA) and American red cross. These are the two best organizations which are reputed for things related to heart. It is essential to learn the process of Cpr so that it can be utilized practically to save someone’s life. The most important aspect of cpr is the use it has for kids. Kids being a bit prone to accidents need to have an adult with them. If the accident is serious then they would prefer that the adult with them knows cpr as the knowledge may be the difference between life and death.

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