Posted in Dental Assistants on April 21, 2011

Dental hygienist salary

In the modern society today the number of people suffering from dental problems is growing day by day. In that context, the importance of the profession of dental hygienist has increased a lot with the passage of time. The dental solutions offered by them are extremely valuable for the patients and hence a considerable rise in the Dental hygienist salary is also noticed. The work of a dental hygienist mainly includes teaching people about the proper dental habits, cleaning the teeth of the infected patients, and also maintaining the teeth. The teeth maintenance is the prime job for any qualified dental hygienist.

The dental hygienists mainly assist the doctors in surgery and the treatment procedures of the patients. Their main job is diagnosing and treating the various problems or disorders of the teeth, gums and mouth of the patients. The dental hygienists gather valuable experience by assisting the doctors in the treatment of the procedures and that helps them a lot in future. They also provide dental care facilities and diagnosis of serious disorders like oral cancer. They also take part in the regular treatment procedures like taking oral x rays, polishing the dental fillings, prescribing the proper medicine for the patients, and for applying fluorides and other necessary medicines to make the teeth stronger and to get rid of gum diseases and cavity. The dental hygienists also participate in the office work and maintain the records of the patients.

The Dental hygienist salary mainly depends on the amount and quality of work provided by the dental hygienists and also on the level of qualifications achieved by them. There is a clear hierarchy existing in the salary of the dental hygienists. The professionals are paid on a daily basis as well as on a monthly contract. The lowest range of income of the dental hygienists is around 20.5 USD per hour whereas the highest Dental hygienist salary can be as much as USD 43 per hour. The salary can go up to at least 40000 to 60000 USD per year. The states of Nevada, California and Alaska are well known for the best packages offered by them to the dental hygienists and so they are the prime targets for aspiring dental hygienists.

The Dental hygienist salary has increased a lot over the last few years because of the rise in demand for the qualified dental hygienists in the contemporary society.