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Medical Administrative Assistant

A medical administrative assistant is someone who is not a doctor, but yet is one. Sounds funny? Well a medical administrative assistant is one who works directly under a doctor’s supervision or some other health professional to support their work. Their work includes administrative medical work such as measuring a patient’s vital signs, administering medicines and injections, maintaining medical record of patients, preparing and handling medical supplies, and collecting and preparing specimens of body parts such as body fluids, tissues, and blood samples for laboratory tests. Their work may also include getting appointments with doctors, coordinating with insurance companies and negotiating with the patient party.  A nurse is a good example of a medical administrative assistant.

If someone aims to become a medical administrative assistant, here is what he has got to do.

  • Assess yourself- First and foremost, you must assess yourself. Get to know what type of work these people have to do and then realize wheather a medical administrative assistant is the perfect kind of job for you. A medical administrative assistant requires patient, systematic and skillful attitude. He has to be good at computers. He cannot lose his temper, since he will be working with ailing people.
  • Start your career at high school- If one is serious about becoming a medical administrative assistant, he should start from high school itself, by taking up subjects such as healthcare, mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc.
  • Get the feel of it at hospitals- If you have free time, you must volunteer in hospitals, to actually get the ambience of the hospital, and how it works, besides, it will also enhance your contacts with healthcare personnel.
  • Complete the required education- The International Standard Classification of Occupations opines that medical administrative assistants must normally have a formal training in health services before they can take up the job. A four year bachelour degree may be your route, but you might also opt for a two year associate degree, or a one year diploma, from one of the vocational schools, technical institutes, community colleges, propriety colleges or junior colleges, whatever you may call it. Many programs go under the name of “Medical administrative assistant training”. Fortunately enough, now online courses are available on the topic. The course might include subjects like anatomy, physiology, medical transcription, terminology and clinical procedures. Office procedures, such as accounts, typing, etc can also be a part of the Medical administrative training course.
  • Get hands-on experience in the job- Most accredited medical administrative programs have an internship period, where you can get hands-on experience about the job.
  • Certification- certification is not compulsory but certainly certification will open up more avenues for employment in the field. American Association of medical assistants and the association of Medical Technologists are some bodies which offer certification to those qualified.
  • Experience- Experience is the most important in this field. As you work in a hospital gain more experience. That will help you work better. Maybe in your maiden years you will be made to work directly under the supervision of a registered nurse, until you can work on your own.

Registration as a medical administrative assistant is mandatory in some country, but in other nations it not necessary. There these people work as loose formal groups.

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