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Pharmacy Technician Certification

The 21st century world of a pharmacy technician certification which has progressed to unprecedented heights in the field of technological advancement has however undergone a regression in the area concerning the general heath of the mass. Increasing pollution, unhealthy lifestyle of individuals and rise in stress levels, has taken its toll on the health of the population in form of new diseases and weaker immunity. The need to deal with complicated health issues, has led to a rapid growth of the medical industry and market in the last couple of decades. The developing countries are in need of newer medicines to combat diseases while the developed nations are in need of drugs to combat low immunity. This growth in the medical industry has not only resulted in an increase in the demand of doctors, nurses and pharmacists, but also in other professionals directly related to the medical industry like pharmacy technicians.

A pharmacy staff who directly works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacists and performs pharmacy related works, is known as a pharmacy technician. The duties of a pharmacy technician includes dispatching prescription and medicines to patients as well as ensuring that correct medication is provided to the patients. The job of pharmacy technician is a demanding one, and requires specialized knowledge about medicine and health. In order to maintain the required standards, countries like USA and UK have introduced the concept of Pharmacy Technician Certification. A pharmacy technician Certificate, which is imperative for any pharmacy technician looking for a good job in the medical industry, is given to students who have completed a Pharmacy technician course, and have passed the Pharmacy technician exam. In USA, the Institute of Certified Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), administer regular exams, on passing which the examinee is awarded the Pharmacy Technician Certification. The PTCB issued Pharmacy Technician certificate is accepted all over USA and also certain parts of UK. Thus the pharmacy technician certification not only helps maintain the standards of the health industry, but also provides better job prospects for its holders.

The basic criterion for Students interested in becoming Pharmacy technicians, is a high school diploma. After high school, a student has to enroll himself in a Pharmacy technician certification course, which has duration of 6 months- 1year. Pharmacy technician certification programs are offered by various community colleges or vocational colleges and are also offered by certain hospitals and pharmacies. Pharmacy technician certificate course is also offered online. After the completion of the course, the student has to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam, which is held frequently and at different locations, in order to receive his Pharmacy Technician Certification. One can also get his Pharmacy technician Certificate, after entering a job in a pharmacy. In order to do his job properly, a pharmacy technician is required to update his knowledge regularly. So, certain pharmacies and hospitals require the Pharmacy technicians to undergo the Pharmacy Technician certificate exam, every couple of years and thus renew his Pharmacy Technician Certificate. A pharmacy technician certification, ensure that a person has all the skills required to perform his job competently. A person with a pharmacy technician certification must be able to carry out all pharmacy related jobs with high precision and efficiency

Pharmacy technician salary

Pharmacy technician has a fairly rewarding career and generally experienced people in this field earn handsome amount of salary in the virtue of this profession. The normal salary earned by pharmacy technicians is generally determined on a basis of per-hour rating. It generally is supposed to fall under the scale of $10-$18 every hour.

Pharmacy technicians have the capability to earn properly but only if the license is acquired by those technicians. This license or certificate proves the fact that these technicians are adroit in handling things independently, because they have already learnt all the required skills to become a good pharmacy technician. They don?t have it for permanent use. It is required for them to undergo a recertification in each two years. And during this period to create a recertification, these workers are on duty allotted with a specific boundary of some deal of contact hours. So, in this particular period, these people are capable enough to earn money from different sources such as pharmacy colleges, training store of on-the-job type and many other places. Also they can open up any training programs of pharmacy technicians in order to create a mass awareness in regard to what role are the pharmacy technicians playing. They can even think of starting to earn for suppose nearly 10 hours every day. But the point to be kept in head is the technicians must be employed under any pharmacists. All the experienced pharmacy workers can earn a plenty of more money than those average earnings available in per hour rate in the market.

Pharmacy technicians are can capable to earn more if they are sincere enough and dedicated towards the work. There is always a reference of what they earn which had been taken in the month of May in the year 2004. Near about 50% of those pharmacists earn around $9 to $14. To get a genuine average, the earnings of median as per hourly of pharmacy technicians are going only close around $11. Those who are in the top 10% of the list now have an earning around more than the amount of $16. Those industries which employ a lot of pharmacy technicians have had money enough to make a good payment to them which are reasonably well. While in the general hospitals, these technicians might earn the sum of $13, rather in the other grocery shops they might receive a sum of $11 – $12. Or in many departmental stores we visit, there they might get paid at the scale of $10.

The technicians who are certified are those technicians who can earn even more if the weekends or evenings are usefully utilized by them in regard to work. The more they are gaining experience; the more they are having an outstanding advantage to have a control perfectly during the duration of their working hours. Very generally, pharmacy technicians are often required through out the whole day and eventually this enables the technicians in putting more and more hours on duty naturally, for this they ultimately receive a better pay scale. This payment system only enables these pharmacy technicians to have an earning which is absolutely more with having recognition of their own. Pharmacy Technicians provides us with the information about careers of Pharmacy Technicians, certification of Pharmacy Technicians, continuing education for Pharmacy Technicians the exams Pharmacy Technicians sit for and so on in the website. The Pharmacy Technicians have got an affiliation with digital scales.

How to Increase Your Pharmacy Tech Salary:

If the economy is in a great slump, all people working in all the fields start wondering of the method how they can manage the present careers they pursue and get a hike in the present annual salaries. While all the job opportunities that they have in all these industries of health care are pretty expected to go under a continuous growth, the education must be carried on with further and the specialty of getting training can provide the employees with a certain kind of a competitive edge. For the entire pharmacy tech people holding positions in the industry, to complete a certification of Pharmacy Technicians could have made the clear difference that when it has come to the point of getting hired by a company for any new position, with an earning of a promotion, or coming to a negotiation with a salary of pharmacy tech which is higher. Even the education has also become a very vital point for those Pharmacy Technicians who have a plan to have a great amount of expansion in their own pharmacy careers; while they will be earning enough to set up a Pharmacy which is the door step towards wishing to become a successful pharmacy technician.