Posted in Pharmacy Technican on June 1, 2011

Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Schools - What’s the Best Place For You? In today’s rapidly growing medical industry, a skilful and efficient Pharmacy Technician is in high demand. The main job of a Pharmacy Technician is to help out and support the pharmacist in the hospital and drug stores. Thus along with whole hearted dedication to the profession, the job of a pharmacy technician also requires a precise knowledge about drugs and procedures of giving medication to patients. In order to train students interested in pursuing this profession, and also to maintain the standards required by the job, many Pharmacy Technician schools have come up in the recent years, which offer Pharmacy Technician certification courses.

An all-inclusive training, covering all the essential aspect of medical practices is provided by the best Pharmacy Technician schools. Also the character of Pharmacy technician school determines the type of training the student gets. Online Pharmacy technician schools and other private institutions typically provide short duration certificate courses which is basically a crash course on pharmacy. Community colleges and vocational colleges, on the other hand, offers diploma courses which an average duration of 2-4years. A candidate enrolling to good Pharmacy Technician schools learn both the technical and theoretical aspects of the job of a Pharmacy Technician. Principles of chemistry, physiology and anatomy are extensively taught to the students along with topics like drug preparation and administration. Keeping in mind the great technological progress in the field of medicinal science, the students are also given a special training in pharmaceutical computer programmes. This training is usually imparted through class lectures; professional instructor guided training sessions and externship programmes, which give the students a real job situation experience. Most pharmacy technician schools, prepares its students for the Pharmacy technician certificate exam, held by The pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Institute of Certification of Pharmacy Technicians. On passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam, the student earns the Pharmacy Technician Certificate, which gives him a competitive edge and provides him with better job opportunities.