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Clinical Medical Assistant Job Overview and Description

Clinical Medical Assistants are those professionals who take care of the basic clinical tasks. These people perform various different types of activities to ensure that the working of medical clinics run smoothly and as per the requirements of the customers. These clinical medical assistants look after the basic tasks and activities within the clinic. To know them in a better manner, it is important to understand about their job.
The duties of a clinical medical assistant may be many but some of the most critical and vital ones are taking signatures from the patients, conducting the screening tests within the clinic premises, collecting the specimen from the patients and sending it to the laboratory for testing, recording the medical history of the patients and their past treatment. Some other responsibilities of these professionals include administering medications, doing the first aid which includes putting bandages, applying syringes etc, doing the X-ray tests and blood tests, maintenance of the examination room and laying orders for purchasing and stocking of the medical equipments. They usually carry out their tasks under the direct supervision of physicians.
All the clinical medical assistants are well qualified and hold a professional degree for the job. They usually take either a one year diploma course or a 2 years associate degree. These educational programs are usually offered to these professionals from various vocational, technical and other community colleges. The subjects which are taught to these clinical medical assistants include anatomy, pharmaceuticals principles, clinical and diagnostic procedures, physiology, first aid help and other medical terminologies. The certifications to these professionals are awarded by authorized bodies such as American Medical Technologist. These certifications can add immense value to the knowledge and skills of these assistants.
Clinical medical assistant job overview also includes some of the administrative duties performed by these professionals. These duties include greeting the patients with care and affection, answering the phone calls and making calls to the patients family, maintaining the medical records of the patients, making appointments for patients with their respective doctors, assisting the patients in filling up the insurance form, looking after the laboratory and other services of the hospitals and preparing the bills for the patients. Thus we can say that the clinical medical assistant job overview can be divided into clinical and secretarial duties. Some other miscellaneous duties of these clinical medical assistants include talking to the patients about their illness and recommending them the initial solution and treatment, assisting the doctors and the lab workers to conduct various tests on the patients, preparing the medical reports of the patients and then finally handing over that report to the patient. Apart from these medical duties, they can also look after various administrative works within the clinic.
Further depending on the specialization undertaken by the medical assistant, his range of duties can vary. An assistant many largely be doing the duties depending on his field of expertise and the requirement of the patient. Research shows that almost 60 percent of the clinical medical assistants find their job in the doctors’ offices while other 10 percent work in specialized offices like chiropractors and podiatrists. We can also see that apart from giving the basic treatment to the patients and carrying out the routine activities of the clinics, they are also the person who can make a patient feel happy and comfortable in the clinic. They can relieve the stress and tensions from the minds of the patients which is very essential for quick healing and better results. Thus these clinical medical assistants must have a good interpersonal skills and cheerful nature apart from the ability to carry out their professional duties.

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