Posted in Medical Assistants on July 5, 2011

There are a large number of medical assistants present today. And for celebrating their achievement and existence, the national medical assistant recognition week is celebrated every year in US. These individuals contribute a lot to the field of medicine and health care. And it is highly respected all over. The work of the medical assistants is acknowledged everywhere and does help a lot of people all over the world. This profession is well recognised and so in the mark of this, the recognition week is celebrated. It reflects the importance and need of these individuals in the field of medical science.
The medical assistants assist the physicians in the treatment of the patients. Also, they help the patients by providing the patients education. Many administrative works are also done by these individuals that help in getting things done on time. And for thanking these individuals for all their work, the national medical assistant recognition week is celebrated. It makes the medical assistants feel significant. Every year, the third week of October is dedicated to these professionals. Many events are conducted for these individuals throughout this week. The numbers of medical assistants are increasing every year. So this week serve as a welcome for the new individuals who enter this field every year. Campaigns along with many other activities are also conducted in this time of the year.
The medical assistants work for everyone they meet on their job. While on clinical duty, they inform the patients about the medical procedures followed in their cases. They also help the doctors by providing the vital signs of the patients. They perform the administrative tasks, where they need to talk to the patients on phone, set the appointments and provide the bills to the patients as well. Here they are expected to be decent and well-behaved. Doctors want them to have a sound knowledge on the subject, where as the patients wish them to be helpful and cooperative. So, it will not be incorrect to say that directly or indirectly the medical assistants are bossed around all the time, while on work. And for this reason, once in a year, they are made on the top and all the programs, activities and other things conducted are dedicated to them.
The national medical assistant recognition week is considered as a treat to these professionals who perfectly do their work throughout their career. There are a number of ideas, which are implemented in this one week. Many organisations present the medical assistants with gifts and letters of appreciation while others conduct events in their praise. Seminars are also conducted where the speakers are invited from outside the organisation. Sometimes, for making the mood lighter, the logos of the medical assistant recognition week are also printed on the t shirts and other accessories. The schedule of the entire one week is decided and plans are also made days before. The celebration of recognition week aims at the satisfaction and happiness of the medical assistants. In this time of the year, many things are done in the respect of these professionals.
A number of individuals aim of becoming medical assistants, and the national medical assistant recognition week serve as boost for these people. Brochures are also published that inform one about the importance of medical assistants in medical world. There are a number of types of medical assistants and each one of them can be called as a holy blessing to the field of health care. These people are a great support to everyone involved this field and the national medical assistant recognition week tries to thank them for their contribution to the medical world.

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